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Holistically raising collective standards of production and consumption


Building connected networks of people and infrastructure that support a sustainable future

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Educating about the applications of blockchain for better


How It Works


Step 1: Set the Standard.

What is the Standard? Great question. It is actually referred to as the Holo Standard. The standard comprises a set of criteria for responsible and transparent business practices that are met through an application and blockchain-verification process. The Holo Standard is developed by a consortium of world-renowned sustainability experts, standards bodies, and forward-thinking Fortune 500 enterprises.

Why is the Holo Standard different from any other "green" standard out there? Simply put: blockchain.

Certifying bodies and companies that tout their certifications suffer from the ability to substantiate their claims. Anyone can slap a "Fair Trade" or "Free Range" label on a product, but how can we as the sourcing expert or everyday consumer actually trust that those assertions are true?

We can no longer look to the old standard to meet the demands of today's consumer for radical transparency in supply chains and sustainable business practices. With blockchain as the underlying technology for the Holo Standard, decentralized transparency, mutual accountability, interoperability and immutability become intrinsic tenants of the new standard of trust in our supply chains.

Step 2: Grow the Network around the Holo Standard.

Why join? Benefits of network participation are summarized below:

  1. Become a Blockchain-Verified producer of goods and services that meets the Holo Standard.
  2. Access to a verified network of materials suppliers, distributors, enterprises, and brands that meet the Holo Standard.
  3. Leverage of the network to cut costs and increase demand by outsourcing production, manufacturing locally, and increasing brand desirability by meeting the blockchain-verified Holo Standard.
  4. Participation in the refinement of the Standard, curation of the network members, and investment of network resources.
  5. Proliferation of responsible, innovative, and transparent business practices for a sustainable future.

As the Network continues to grow people ask how they can get involved. Read on to find out.

Step 3: Scale the infrastructure to support the Network and the Holo Standard.

We continue to monitor where our enterprises, brands and consumers need the most help to scale their Holo practices. As a technology-forward network, the core of Holocene's interest lies in working with emerging and sustainable technologies such as additive manufacturing and renewable energy. The growth of the network means the growth of investment resources. If you are a firm in this industry who is looking to grow with the Network, let's connect.