Below is a diagram that summarizes the content of our whitepaper if you didn't get a chance to read it. A list of answers to Frequently Asked Questions follows immediately after.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Value Network?

A value network is an economic term defined as the sharing of resources within and between business entities. Each participant in the network is able to transact social and technical, tangible and intangible assets between themselves and other network members. The network returns value to its members via participation. Such examples we see of this today are referral and rewards programs.


What is Blockchain?

The groundbreaking technology first made itself known with the advent of Bitcoin cryptocurrency in 2009. It is a shared, distributed ledger of data between all participants in its network. It powers automated and trusted transactions and record-keeping. Data can be shared by its owner while protecting the owner’s identity.


Why are these two things relevant to each other?

Transparently share transaction and business data while protecting one’s identity with zero knowledge proofs, and anonymous unique identities. Automate compliance by being a verified member of the network. We seamlessly integrate with standards bodies. Reap the benefits of participating in the network, both reputational and financial, which is tracked and awarded via automated smart contracts.

Who participates in the network?

Enterprise companies committed to responsible and transparent business practices, sustainable technologies companies that want to scale their production, and certifying standards and compliance bodies that want to automate their operations processes.

How does participation work?

Prospective network members first purchase a Holo Token, which is a utility token that returns increased value to its owner as participation continues over time. Think of it as a combined referral and rewards program where more participation leads to more ROI. 

Next, prospective members complete and submit an application to initiate the Blockchain-Verification Process. The Process starts with a unique and secure blockchain identity issuance to the prospective member.  Records are then scanned and linked to the company. Those records are then compared against the set of criteria established by the Holo Standard, which has consists of three main categories: Responsibility, Transparency, and Innovation.

Upon being accepted to the Network Acceptance and Participation you create your business profile with blockchain-backed and protected transacting.  Work with other blockchain-verified companies and receive new business by leveraging the network. Refer new companies in your supply chain network.

What are the benefits of network participation?

  • Increased and elevated desirability of brand and products by meeting blockchain-verified Holo Standard

  • Alleviate humanitarian impact by upholding mutual accountability and transparency around our means of production

  • Promote circular, closed-loop economies of scale

  • Reduce number of middlemen required in supply chain, which decreases cost of production

  • Receive new business by participating in and growing the network

What kind of participants do we look for?

Business entities with a commitment to building a responsible, transparent, and sustainable future together.

How do I or my company get involved?

Join our list below to get the latest updates about product development and launch of the network.